Fiorentina not wrong to invite salah

Fiorentina is not wrong to bring Mohamed Salah. Evidently, the Egyptian midfielder made a positive contribution since joining on loan from Chelsea.

One of the star Fiorentina when they beat Juventus 2-1 in the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final on Friday (6/3) pm dawn. In the match held at the Juventus Stadium, One bought two goals belong to La Viola.

Thus, One has scored six goals in seven appearances in all competitions with La Viola. It makes the departure of Juan Cuadrado to Chelsea is not felt.

“He is a tough player and brings him to give satisfaction,” said Director of Fiorentina, Daniele Prade, at the Rai Sport.

“She quickly tune with the squad and our team is now directly dependent on him.”

One goal against Juventus One to be created by starting a solo run from midfield. At that time, he outperformed Simone Padoin in collided run.

“He scored a superb goal to run along 70 meters. He was like a child, providing a cross and took it himself,” said Prade to Italian lega calcio livescore.

Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella, since a few days before the game has been confirmed to play the One from scratch. Montella claimed to want to take advantage of the momentum, considering the performance of One is good-good.

One brought Fiorentina on loan from Chelsea in the winter transfer window. If you want mempermanenkannya in the summer, Fiorentina reportedly had to spend around 16 million euros.

Croatia Requested aside Affairs Past Nude Pictures and Focus to Cameroon

150214_kroasiaafpA few days ago camps Croatia shaken players nude photo – which sparked a boycott. But now they are asked to forget the past and focus on the match against Cameroon.

Last weekend spread nude photos of Croatian players in the hotel pool. The photos were reportedly taken by the journalist himself is hiding in the bushes.

Due to this the Croatian players had agreed to take action to silence aka not speak to the media crew. Until now, even the photo incident was still gripping the minds of the Croatian players, although they also prompted alarms that have been waiting for the match against Cameroon.

“The players are still discussing these themes (nude photos), but we want them to concentrate on the match against Cameroon,” said assistant coach Robert Kovac Croatia as quoted Yahoosports.

“If the photos do not spread them would think of Cameroon. Under these circumstances their attention distracted with things off the field,” he continued.

However, he stated very understand the reasons the players to boycott the media. “This is a personal issue. They got off one day and when it was slightly relax.’s Not appropriate for the photographer to exploit it.”

Regardless, Croatia must now focus completely to the next game to remember in the first game and then had 1-3 defeat of Brazil. On the other hand, Cameroon also 0-1 defeat of Mexico in the opening match. That’s why the match at the Arena da Amazonia, Manaus, Thursday (06/19/2014) morning local time, so it is very crucial.

“It would be difficult in Manaus because the conditions are not humane. Important for us to win control of the ball, patiently, and creating chances,” said Kovac.

Can Spain repeat results over Chile at the Maracana 64 Years Ago?


The defending champions Spain were on the ropes. In his attempt to escape from the eye of a needle, La Furia Roja can be inspired by the results of 64 years ago.

Spain begin their work at the 2014 World Cup livescore with a bad after defeated the Netherlands 1-5. As a result Matador team had no choice but to win in the second game against Chile at the Maracana, Thursday (06/19/2014) pm dawn, given the other results will make Iker Casillas cs almost certainly eliminated.

In the midst of the pressure is not small, Spain can at least attempt to increase the confidence that at the Maracana in the 1950 World Cup and they beat Chile 2-0 with goals Estanislao Basora and Zarra.

Moreover, interestingly, in addition to both held at Maracana and occurred in the group phase, the match Chile Spanish opponent when it is also present in the second game as it is currently.

However, there is one thing that is so big difference between meeting 64 years ago that the game now, namely that in 1950 Spain completed the first game with a 3-1 victory over the United States.

Well, the existence of the Maracana itself increasingly so attractive in this fight. Okay if 64 years ago the famous stadium for the auspicious Spain – over Chile. But just last year Maracana presents a nightmare for Spain which are subject of Brazil by 0-3 in the final of the Confederations Cup.

“Maracana was special for anyone.’s Stadium full of myths. Match results I really hope there will be different than the Confederations Cup final,” said Spanish midfielder Juan Mata as quoted by Football Espana.

Stay away from Salty and Savory Food When You Do not Want to Heart Begadang collapse

143448_76730795Staying up late to watch the ball is more fun when done with friends or nobar. Often activities nobar to watch as incomplete if not accompanied by snacks or salty snacks and savory.

In fact, eating salty snacks such as crisps and savory, martabak egg, fried peanuts and others is not recommended by doctors. The reason, the food contains a lot of MSG or mecin which can increase the risk of heart attack.

“Usually it chips are salty or other food that is salty and savory, tasty it contains a lot of monosodium glutamate (MSG), and its binding to the liquid so that it can make blood pressure go up,” said Dr. Kasim Rasjidi, SpPD-KKV, DTM & H, MCTM, MHA , SpJP, LMPNLP, ELT, RS Asri CCH when contacted detikHealth Duren Tiga, Wednesday (06/18/2014).

High blood pressure is known to drastically as one of the causes of heart attacks. MSG binding fluid and the blood becomes more viscous, which makes the blood circulation becomes obstructed.

On the other hand, healthy sleep expert Dr. Andrew Prasadja, RPSGT, of RS Mitra Kemayoran, saying that indeed when staying up late, there is an imbalance of hormones. As a result, the appetite for salty and savory foods become larger.

“Bigger appetite but pengennya eating salty foods and savory so. Was it not good for health,” said a doctor who is familiarly called Dr. Ade.

Instead, if you feel hungry while watching the ball in the middle of the night, dressing snacks and light meals into fruit or vegetable. Or if not possible, choose a snack or light meal which does not contain much mecin and MSG.

Smart Glasses for People with Impaired Vision

b9zp8MIsyfOxford University researchers develop smart glasses that are used to help someone who is experiencing vision problems. With this tool, those with impaired vision or blindness, can avoid obstacles while walking.

Reported Phys, Tuesday (06/17/2014), the idea behind this clever lens manufacturing is encouraging those with impaired eye to be more free, independent and confident. Stephen Hicks of the University of Oxford, this tool can improve the quality of life for people with visual impairment.

Smart glasses consists of a video camera mounted on eyeglass frames. The device is equipped with a computer processing unit which is quite fit inserted into the pocket.

There is a section on the electronic display transparent eyeglass lenses that gives a picture of people who were around as well as obstacles. The device is also equipped with a camera and software that can read objects around like a sidewalk, table, chair and group of people.

These glasses help users to find out additional information regarding the details of who or what is in front of them. In some cases, a person’s details such as facial features can be more easily recognized even in low light room though

U.S. Drone attack in Pakistan kills 4 Taliban militants

ua5TCYXDM5United States (U.S.) re-launched an unmanned aircraft (drones) to the headquarters of the Pakistani militants in the border region of Afghanistan. The attack killed four Pakistani Taliban militants.

“A drone hit a vehicle in the city Dandey, Darpakhel in Waziristan,” said a Palestinian intelligence, as quoted by ABC News, Wednesday (18/06/2014).

This is the third time the headquarters of Palestinian militant battered U.S. airstrikes during the last two weeks. North Waziristan is home to a number of local militant groups and including members of al Qaeda.

The group also reportedly been attacked a number of U.S. forces and North Atlatik Treaty Organization (NATO) in the border region of Afghanistan.

Previously, the U.S. drone base defense managed to hit the Pakistani Taliban militants for two days. During the attack killed at least 13 Taliban militants.

However, the U.S. attack condemnation from the Palestinian Authority. They consider what the U.S. had violated the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.